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Semi Automatic Flute Lamination Machine


Automatic feeding bottom paper, front pushing face paper, it has easy shortcut for feeding paper, lower work intensity. Front orientation bottom paper never leading, suit jointing of paperboard to paperboard, paperboard toA, B, C, D, E style corrugating cardboard. Jointing of bottom paper to face paper can fore-and-aft adjustment, easy opposite joint. Feeding glue system are automatic control by liquid relay, thickness of sub o adjust equality glue, lower glue cost. Electric machine adopt non polar shift, electromagnetism clutch adopt without touch point relay, journey position adopt photo electricity switch detect, electron automatic count and empty sheet photo electricity automatic control.

Technical Specifications

Type 1300
Max. cove 1300mmx1100mm
Min. cove 350mmx350mm
Machiner 0-90m/min
Electric M 7kw
Area 8mx1.98mm
Packing size 1.97mx2.0mx1.0mx   4.58mx1.98mx1.52m
Weight 4.5T