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Automatic Carton Gluer Machine


Automatic gluer consist of three part which is feeding paper part, glue folding part and counting piling part, adjust the speed by digital, micro-adjust the phase by computer, double frequency convertor synchronous operation, with simple quick reliable and precise controlling style, automatic feeding paper, automatic gluing and folding, automatic counting, automatic piling and outputting, average sticking speed is 150m/min, max speed 220m/min. High efficiency, save energy, environmental is our top pursuit.

Technical Specifications

Model 2000 2400 2800
Max. Boar 1000x2000 1000x2400 1200x2800mm
Min. Boar 300x680m 300x800m 300x800mm
Installatio 2400x1350 2800x 155 3000x 15500mm
Power Re 11.5kw  11.5kw  11.5kw