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Flexo Single Color Printer


Flexo Printer is designed to help corrugated box manufacturers to keep pace with the demand for sharp and excellent printing on corrugated boxes. Incorporating the latest technology,Single Colour Flexo Printing Machines prints better and dries aster resulting in increased production.

The transfer of image is accomplished through Rubber / Nylon / Photo polymer Stereo of 2. 8 mm / 4. 7 mm thickness, using liquid water - based or thinner - based inks. For Printing Kraft paper and corrugated boards. Only our machine can print both the paper and corrugated boards. Distinct and precise impression, instant drying, extremely simple to operate, easy accessibility for cleaning. For Forprinting Kraft paper &corrugated boards Distinct & precise impression, instant drying, extremely simple to operate, Easy accessibility for cleaning. Single Color Flexo Printing Machine mainly use in Cardboards and Corrugated box.

Technical Specifications

Board Size Dimensions ( Lx H x W)
Single Colour
Power Required
50" x 70" 123" x 79" x 58" 2HP
52" x 72" 126" x 81" x 59" 2HP
52" x 84" 143" x 81"x 63" 3HP
64" x 84" 143" x 93"x 63" 3HP
64" x 100" 159" x 93" x 63" 3HP
65" x 125" 185" x 93" x 79" 7.5 HP